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Judging Tomorrow’s “Value” on Today’s “Prices”

A few years ago, things were hard. We were barely making it, if we were making it at all. Financially, emotionally, relationally… It. was. hard.

We thought we we going to lose our house. We didn’t.

We would wake up and check the driveway to see if our vehicles we still there. They were.

I had a great fear of answering the phone and door, or opening the mail.

Then things got better. A lot better. We caught up on all those bills and we paid all of our debt.

Right when we were breathing just a bit easier, Chad was laid off. then we found out that we were expecting…. again. he got another job. Although he was earning 60% of his previous income, we were hopeful. After 6 weeks, he came home in the middle of the day, laid off again.

I went in the bathroom and cried.

What were we going to do now?

I’m pregnant.

My husband is unemployed.

I felt very hopeless.

My thoughts were running through every possible option we had. Some of them were not, um, nice.

It took me a while, but I realized that I was judging the value of our tomorrows on what was going on today. Life is always evolving and changing. Things never stay the same. Just because Chad is unemployed today doesn’t mean he will be tomorrow. I look down the road to 6 months from now and wonder how we are going to survive with another member of the family. Why am I worrying about that now? I don’t have enough information to know for sure what our life is going to look like in 6 months. I only have today’s information, and it’s not a good predictor of our future.

I’ve learned that things can change for the better and they can change for the worse. The only guarantee I have is they will change. I should only be judging today’s value on today’s prices. Tomorrow will be a brand new today, and the price just may have changed.

(No?) Worries!

As of today, my husband has been unemployed for exactly 4 weeks.

Come Monday the 14th, my husband is gainfully employed! More on that later.

Our motto of the last four weeks has been “no worries”. We had been through this before. We had worried, cried, argued… and then seen the impossible happen, over and over again. We had medical bills up the wazoo, shut off utilities, foreclosure notices, etc. It was stressful.

Even with our lack of true faith at that time, God restored and redeemed each and every issue we had.

We didn’t want to be that way again.

Yes, the circumstances are the same… it’s our response that is different.

We went to the beach the day after he was let go. We’ve spent time together, we’ve hiked, we’ve prayed, we’ve focused on our faith in the God that saved us before, because we know that He will save us again. He’s never failed us.

Just last night, I sent this email to my bible study group:

I just wanted to tell you that Chad got a job! He starts on Monday. It is for a lot less than he was earning before, but we are trusting that God put this job in his path for a reason and that He will provide for us as He always as. (even in spite of other people’s doubts) We are very at peace right now. Our motto is “no worries”. 

That was before I started filling out some financial forms. With each number I wrote down, hope left the building and despair settled in. When I realized how far the gap between our income and expenses is going to be… I started to worry. Though I know that God is in the business of miracles and doing the impossible, I doubted. I thought “Maybe we have already used up our miracle. Maybe He doesn’t have anymore for us.” I was already mentally packing our bags and envisioning us homeless.

Then my email notification popped up, I clicked over and read the response to my earlier show of hope:

No worries is a good motto. As I said on Weds., I haven’t seen any sparrows pushing shopping carts at Safeway lately!!!!!!

And I reread what I had just written two hours earlier. “No worries, no worries, no worries“. “He will provide for us as He always as“. Surprisingly, my own words comforted me.

I laid there and thought about all He has done for us already. I rested in the assurance that His mercies are never ending. I have to assume that His miracles don’t end too. I prayed in my heart and my mind. I lifted my worries to Him.

Mark 9:24 says Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

I have been saying the same thing. “I do believe, Lord, help me overcome my unbelief“.

I will say it again and again and again, because I fail at it every day. I am praying for miracles, I am praying for Him to overcome the impossible. And if things don’t work out the way I plan, I am praying for His grace, mercy and peace to see me through.

How can I pray for you?