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Sunday Morning Confession

I don’t have the time or energy to beat around the bush, so I will start with the confession:

I haven’t been to a church service in quite a while. 

I’ve been to CHURCH. I’ve read my bible. I’ve prayed to God. I’ve heard sermons on line. I give thanks every day and I try to live more and more like Jesus with every breath that I take. I just haven’t actually stepped foot into the sanctuary and heard the sermon from my pastor, at my church.

It started when my kids were sick and we obviously couldn’t go. Then my brother passed away and I couldn’t make myself go. The day I specifically remember, I was on the verge of a breakdown and wanted to break down here, with my family, not there with my extended family. Then we were out of town. Then when I came back, I just wanted to relax, in the comfort of my home, with my husband.

Now, here we are today, and I don’t really have a perfectly good reason NOT to go (well, unless you count being up too late, praying for a friend that is in Hawaii and was evacuated due to the tsunami warning… and then the heartburn that made me so sick), but honestly I am not sure we are going to. I don’t even know why. I am not disenchanted with the church, nothing happened to make me not want to go. I love my church and I love my church family. I love that the pastor preaches from the bible, but is able to open my eyes and makes everything make sense. I also love being surrounded by people who live, love and believe the way I do.

So, if I take another day off, is it bad? Hmmm, I know some of you who will say yes, and some of you who will say no. I also know some people who will say “If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer”. And, yah, I actually wholeheartedly agree. 🙂

Some people take time off of church for sports games, work and vacation. Is it really any different if I want to take time off of church for nothing?

Now that it’s out there, I hope you will pray for me about it, rather than tell me how horribly wrong I am. And now that it’s out there, chances are I’m going to end up showing up at church. It always seems to happen. Once I blog a “confession”, such as my I hate pregnancy post, I feel better about it. I have actually felt better about my pregnancy since I hit publish.

So, perhaps, I will hit publish here, and you will see me back in church. 🙂

The Elephant in the Room

When I was in grade school, we had a speaker come and talk to us about the power of suggestion. She/ he said “I am going to say something and I want you to NOT think of it…. ready…. do not think of a pink elephant”. 

Well, you know, if we were honest, every single one of us did. Even now, I am thinking about pink elephants. Are you? 

That’s the thing, once the elephant is there, it’s hard not to think about it. Elephants take up a lot of room. It’s hard, if not IMPOSSIBLE, to move around them. 

That’s what we have. We have an elephant in the room. He moved in and took residence last week. I am pretty sure my husband knew something was there, he just didn’t know it was an elephant. He does now. 🙂 

I spent so much time worrying about telling him about the elephant that I nearly had a stroke. (not literally) So one day, I just told him… and confessing it wasn’t as bad as worrying about it. He has been so good about praying me through this. Why didn’t I tell him earlier?

Fear… and elephants. 

So the thing is… I like to blog what is on my mind. (and have you ever noticed that I use “….” A LOT? I have) Right now, I CAN’T blog what is on my mind. That darn elephant is all I am thinking about. Maybe as time goes by, the feeling of the elephant in the room will fade. Maybe, just maybe that elephant will leave for good. But today? Right now? When I am with you, I am thinking about the elephant. When I am writing, I am thinking about the elephant. When I am talking to you, yep, that elephant is on my mind. 

So even though I can’t blog about it, even though I can’t talk about it. I want to. Someday. I want to introduce you to the elephant and perhaps even have your assistance in moving him out of here. Unfortunately TODAY is not that day. 

Until that day comes, will you pray for me? Pray for us? (and as a side note, just so you don’t worry, my marriage is FINE. There are no worries there. This is nothing that a little time, love and tenderness prayers won’t get us through)

When the time comes, you will know. Until then, I will be answering any questions about the elephant with the same thing my grandma used to say… (there I go again with the ….) “If I had wanted you to know that, you wouldn’t have to ask”. Gosh I miss my grandma. LOL. 

Do you have any elephants in the room? Can I pray for you? 

(No?) Worries!

As of today, my husband has been unemployed for exactly 4 weeks.

Come Monday the 14th, my husband is gainfully employed! More on that later.

Our motto of the last four weeks has been “no worries”. We had been through this before. We had worried, cried, argued… and then seen the impossible happen, over and over again. We had medical bills up the wazoo, shut off utilities, foreclosure notices, etc. It was stressful.

Even with our lack of true faith at that time, God restored and redeemed each and every issue we had.

We didn’t want to be that way again.

Yes, the circumstances are the same… it’s our response that is different.

We went to the beach the day after he was let go. We’ve spent time together, we’ve hiked, we’ve prayed, we’ve focused on our faith in the God that saved us before, because we know that He will save us again. He’s never failed us.

Just last night, I sent this email to my bible study group:

I just wanted to tell you that Chad got a job! He starts on Monday. It is for a lot less than he was earning before, but we are trusting that God put this job in his path for a reason and that He will provide for us as He always as. (even in spite of other people’s doubts) We are very at peace right now. Our motto is “no worries”. 

That was before I started filling out some financial forms. With each number I wrote down, hope left the building and despair settled in. When I realized how far the gap between our income and expenses is going to be… I started to worry. Though I know that God is in the business of miracles and doing the impossible, I doubted. I thought “Maybe we have already used up our miracle. Maybe He doesn’t have anymore for us.” I was already mentally packing our bags and envisioning us homeless.

Then my email notification popped up, I clicked over and read the response to my earlier show of hope:

No worries is a good motto. As I said on Weds., I haven’t seen any sparrows pushing shopping carts at Safeway lately!!!!!!

And I reread what I had just written two hours earlier. “No worries, no worries, no worries“. “He will provide for us as He always as“. Surprisingly, my own words comforted me.

I laid there and thought about all He has done for us already. I rested in the assurance that His mercies are never ending. I have to assume that His miracles don’t end too. I prayed in my heart and my mind. I lifted my worries to Him.

Mark 9:24 says Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

I have been saying the same thing. “I do believe, Lord, help me overcome my unbelief“.

I will say it again and again and again, because I fail at it every day. I am praying for miracles, I am praying for Him to overcome the impossible. And if things don’t work out the way I plan, I am praying for His grace, mercy and peace to see me through.

How can I pray for you? 

Cup Of Noodles or Homemade Chicken Noodle?

I like quick.

I like easy.

There is a whole section of the internet geared towards saving time and I might waste some time reading that section of the internet.

We (I) want dinner like five minutes ago.

We (I) want immediate answers to our (my) prayers. NOW would be good. Yesterday would be better.

We consider it success when we pop our food in the microwave oven, pull it out and call it dinner. Likewise, I think it would be kind of cool to have a prayer machine that I could pop in my requests, wait a few minutes, and have an answer literally fall into my hands.

Veruca Salt anyone? I *might* sound like her sometimes. I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to put it in writing. “I want it noooooooooow”. (And if I don’t get the things I’m after, I’m going to screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam)

It doesn’t work that way, does it ? (if it does, please email me at …….. KIDDING!)

Last night, I was writing my requests on paper and putting them in the microwave to see what would happen after 3 minutes pondering a microwaveable faith. I’m being serious when I say I would love to have instant answers. I don’t really do “wait” well.

I asked God “Can’t I just have the answers NOW?”.

In His infinite grace and patience, He said “Do you want Cup O’Noodles or Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup?”

Well, Cup O’Noodles ARE quick and easy. What… you just add water, then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. They are cheap… and unhealthy… and all of a sudden completely unappealing. But if I am hungry and I want something instantly… it’s there. (not really, we don’t even own any… I swear)

Chicken Noodle Soup? Hmmmmm. But it takes so long to make. And I hate to wait. However, I love a pot of CNS.

Yes, it takes time, it takes preparation, it takes work… and a lot of patience in waiting as that aroma fills the house.

You have to dice the onions, boil the chicken, shred the chicken, cut heart shaped carrots.

Heart shaped carrots

Yes, I really do.

What do you mean you don’t? 😉

Then there is the sauteing, the boiling, adding the herbs and then the wait… oh the wait!

Time and again, though, I choose the Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. I know it takes time and I have to be patient. The process can be painstaking, but I know the end result is worth it. 

Knowing this, why would I settle for ANYTHING instant? Instant noodles OR instant answers to my prayers?

The best things in life are not instant. They take time, prayers, patience and work.

I’ll take the homemade chicken noodle soup, Lord… and I’ll wait for an answer to my prayers too.

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