Do you Plan to Eat?

I had heard about Plan to Eat, but I resisted signing up. I already planned my meals, for the most part. I did well, mostly, eating dinner at home every night. In short, I just didn’t think I needed it.

Then several months ago, I was listening to the radio and the deejay was talking about Plan to Eat. She said that it was so easy to make a menu and a list. She said it took her less than 5 minutes to plan her meals. Then she said that there was a free 30 day trial.

30 Days? FREE? If you know me, you know I can not resist free.

So I signed up.

It was perfect timing too, because just a week after signing up, we were headed out for our first family vacation in 11 years! We had rented a house and had full access to a kitchen, stove, refrigerator, plate and silverware. Meaning…. we weren’t eating out. We really had no excuse. 😉

So I jumped right in with planning the week’s meals. The first time I used Plan to Eat, I could see why so many loved the service. One… it was easy. Two… it was convenient. Three… they had some preloaded recipes that you could use.

1. It was easy: So easy. There is a button that you can place on your tool bar. When you are on a website with a recipe and want to save it to your Plan to Eat account, you push the button and it (usually) loads and saves the recipe! (I say usually, because sometimes the set up of the web site means you have to copy and paste instead of one clicking it, but even this is easy) You can also copy the link, go to your account and save the recipe that way.

2. It’s convenient: You just click your recipe and drag it to your menu planner. Then you click your shopping list button and voila! An automatic grocery list! It will import everything into the list, even salt and pepper, so if you’re like me and you just happen to have that, you can delete it from your list.

3. Pre-loaded recipes: Not only do they have recipes already pre-loaded, if you have a friend who is using Plan to Eat, you can browse any of THEIR public recipes. (there is an option to keep your recipe private) I found some great recipes that are now family favorites, because Not a Stepford Life (Link is to her Plan to Eat Review) also joined and she had some yummy recipes on her account.

30 days after signing up for the free trial, I had no reservations about spending the $39 for a full year’s access to Plan to Eat. I could see how Plan to Eat not only saved time, but money as well. In March, the month before signing up for Plan to Eat, we spent $600 on groceries. This is food alone. In April, our first month of using Plan to Eat, we spent $460. This amount included our vacation food! As you can see, I saved well over the $39 fee. 

I highly recommend Plan to Eat. If you join, let me know and we can swap recipes. We’ve been eating new recipes every week, so I have many saved! If you are interested, you can find Plan to Eat here

Useless facts:

Since signing up

  • I have spent 9.9 hours using Plan to Eat. 
  • I have added 96 recipes to my account. 
  • I have menu planned 179 recipes.
  • I have shared my recipes with 2 friends. 

Try it. You’ll like it. 


3 thoughts on “Do you Plan to Eat?

  1. Honestly, P2E has made things sooooo much easier. I love being able to go to a site, and import the recipes, esp on Budget Bytes. Plan an economical, yummy recipe? Win-win!

      • What kills me is, not only is Beth a talented cook and blogger, she’s also a microbiologist…and cute to boot. And funny, and nice, and…

        Great. I’m now fangirling, aren’t I? 😛

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