A Gift from God

Have you ever wondered what kind of “gift” God has given you? If you know, do you wonder how you are supposed to use it? I think gifts can come in many different packages. You could have the gift of discernment. (You know, because I’m a believer and using that word makes me feel up there in the heavenly kingdom) In all seriousness, you could be gifted in dance, music, writing, finances, running, children, etc, etc, etc.

My dear friend, Meredith, used her gift and LOVE of singing on the stage during church service today. For the first time. I can’t even imagine how nervous she must have felt, but honestly she looked and sounded great! She appeared as if she believed that “I’ve got this!”.

As she stood up there, worshiping God and using the gift He gave her, I thought about all the other people who are also gifted in singing. I thought about how Meredith could have said “There are plenty of people who are gifted in singing and who sound better than me, so yeah, I’ll just leave this to them. If you have heard one singer, you’ve heard them all”. We all know that isn’t true. Many of us enjoy listening to more than one singing group or singer. Although they are all gifted in singing, their gift is a little different from others. It may be the songs the sing, the subject they sing about, or we may just plain like the sound of their voice over someone else. Different strokes and different folks. 🙂

I am so often tempted to not use my gift and LOVE of writing. Writing clears my head and helps me to process life. Other people tell me that they enjoy my writing. I DO say “There are many writers and a lot of them are more gifted in this area than me, so I’ll just leave it to them”. I’m not Lisa Jo  or my brother-in-law, Mike. I really enjoy both of their writings, their style, the things they think, the things the say, etc, but I tend to measure myself against them. It’s not a competition. It’s not a matter of one of us being a better writer or communicator than the other. We each have different styles and different audiences. One person may like my writing and not the others. Some people will like all of them for different reasons.

All of us have gifts. I am committing to not only USING mine, but IMPROVING it too. (I have the community education catalog out. I’m circling classes and making it work!) I’ve had a life long dream of writing a book. Here’s to realizing that dream, before I don’t have the chance.

What’s your gift?

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