39 Years and Random Facts

On this day in history…

I was born. 

Riveting? No? Too much? Too soon?

A friend of mine does a list of goals equal to her age each year. I  don’t have enough time to meet 39 goals in a year. That’s like almost one a week. 🙂 To shake things up a bit, I will give you a list of 39 facts about me and my life. Some of them you probably know. Others may surprise you. This is blogging, drive-by style. 

  1. On the day I was born, the local Thriftway store burned down.
  2. My parents named me “Amy”, because my brother had a speech impediment and Amy was easy to say. 
  3. I only have one sibling, my brother. He passed away last year. 
  4. I wanted a sister so bad, I “adopted” my cousin when she was born. 
  5. When I was a kid, I never wanted to grow up and have kids. 
  6. I have 5 kids. 
  7. I have been married for 15 years. This is the 19th birthday of mine that I have spent with my husband. 
  8. I used to color my hair so much that I wasn’t sure what color my hair really was. 
  9. My husband is the first, and only, person I have ever, ahem, you know. 😉
  10. I love Dutch Brothers’ Coffee.
  11. I love to travel. I love road trips. 
  12. I was born partially deaf. I wear hearing aids in both ears.
  13. I participated in the school, district and state spelling bee two years in a row. 
  14. I cried when I was eliminated at the school level in the 7th grade. 
  15. I don’t remember what word I misspelled. 
  16. I have four Compassion International kids. I need to write them more. 
  17. I have a hard time buying stuff for myself, but no problems buying for other people. 
  18. I sleep with socks on, but sometime during the night, I take them off. When my husband can’t find his socks, he strips the bed. 
  19. I married a single father and ex-drug user who was living with his mom (in his 30’s) when I met him. 
  20. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. ❤
  21. I didn’t know how to cook when I got married. I taught myself and now I love all things cooking!
  22. I used to type the chicken peck style, but when I got a job at Leatherman Tool Group, I taught myself how to type properly. My supervisor thought I typed fast  enough chicken peck style and begged me not to change. 
  23. I rarely ever forget a number or a date. 
  24. I can hold a grudge for a super long time. 
  25. I spent much of the past year panicked about death. 
  26. I think inappropriately. A lot. I  don’t remember where Piper got it from. 
  27. I used to have a special love for Almond Joys, but after I started buying good dark chocolate, I rarely eat AJ’s. I have a bag of them from Halloween that I haven’t touched. 
  28. I had a birthmark when I was born. I’m not telling you where it was. 
  29. I haven’t always liked football. I started watching to impress my husband. It was a trick! 
  30. My husband married Mrs. Wright. I may be a Dixon now, but I will always be Wright. 
  31. I had a baby “late” in life. I was 38. I’d have one at 40 if I could get all parties to agree. 
  32. I love my in-laws. I feel extremely blessed to have the extended family that I do!
  33. I have a favorite kid. It changes depending on which one of them I am talking to. 😉
  34. My favorite meal is breakfast. 
  35. I love to coupon. I love to save money. 
  36. I’m wearing my winter boots with my summer skirt. Why? Because it’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want!
  37. My dad had me convinced that airplanes fly straight at night by flying between the red and green lights on the tips of the wings. I believed it until I was 16. I realized how stupid that was when I explained it to a friend of mine. Guess I had never said it out loud. 
  38. I am a good friend. I keep my friends for life. I feel like my friends from my younger years understand me more than my friends from my adult years. 
  39. I say the words “Damn it” a lot. I probably shouldn’t. 

Happy Birthday to me! I can’t wait to see what another year brings. With me in it, it’s got to be good!

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