Five Minutes to “I’ve Had It”

Anyone who knows me knows that I am usually a pretty positive person. Life can throw curve balls and I either dodge or adjust to catch them. I try to find the silver lining to every cloud. 

Lately though, it seems like one thing after another has gone wrong, is going to go wrong or is currently going wrong. I know, that’s a little over-dramatic and probably not entirely true, but when it’s one thing after another, I tend to make mountains out of molehills. 🙂

A friend of mine used to have a “Complaining minute” with her friends. Lisa Jo has 5-minute Fridays. 5 minutes to write on a word that she gives. Unedited, raw, from the heart. 

Well, one minute will never work. I’ve decided to play off Lisa’s great idea and write for 5 minutes…. about everything that is currently bugging me. Here goes:

I have two kids that are somewhat difficult to work with and live with. Sadly, they are difficult for other people to get along with as well, but they blame all of their life problems on me. I have one kid who has a food obsession. I’m exhausted when I go to get something to eat, and it’s gone. Again. Especially when it’s all been eaten by one person. Chad and I have been working on the dryer for a week. A WEEK! It took a week to get the part that we thought we needed. We took our machine apart, replaced that part, put it back together, and it ran, with heat! YAY! For 4 loads. 😦 So we took it apart AGAIN. Cleaned it completely out, cleaned out the vent, COMPLETELY, replaced the part again. It ran, with heat! For 3 loads, maybe. UGH. So now, I have laundry hanging from my front porch. Sorry to the neighbors, but they were wet and I don’t have another good place to hang it. I have plenty of people who have offered to let me use their dryer, but the logistics baffle me. It just seems so darn inconvenient to wash a load, run a load to a friend’s, then have to go back. My house literally feels like it’s falling apart. We are trying to get things back together, but every time we turn around, something else goes wrong. Just today the trim came off the floor. I mean, does this happen to ANYONE else? Anyone, anyone? 

I love my life, I do. I know that some people say this is the life I created by my choices and it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not sometimes hard, because it sure is. Sometimes I want that easy button… and it’s not there. 

Wow! That was 5 minutes? It honestly didn’t seem like it was. That went by… fast. So, now, I get back to it, and hope this made me feel better, because I am about 5 minutes away from “I’ve had it”. 

One thought on “Five Minutes to “I’ve Had It”

  1. I can totally relate Amy…..I deal with several of these too…..and then I also get to throw in the issues with the ex’s too…..remember that I am just around the block and am almost always home…..if you ever want to escape for a little bit feel free to grab Charlee and head on over…..I’m sure I will be ready for a break too 🙂

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