“Do You Want Fries with That?”

A friend of mine posted this picture on their Facebook wall today:


Work hard and love school or else you’ll be asking “Do you want fries with that?”

This picture sends the message that you better work hard in school or you’re going to end up working in fast food, asking “do you want fries with that?”.

Maaaaaaaan, this line of thinking just raises my hackles and makes me want to come out fighting. With sarcasm, of course. (I’m fluent)

First of all, what is wrong with working in fast food? I mean, other than the whole “people shouldn’t  be eating fast food” argument? No matter how we personally feel about fast food, people are eating it, they are eating a lot of it and this creates a need. A need for employees. This is where those uneducated fools, who never liked school come in, right?

Not even.

I knew a woman with a degree in Criminal Justice who was working at the local supermarket. WHAAAAAAAT? This might make some of you wonder why she was “wasting her degree”. Did she work all that time in college for NOTHING? No. As a matter of fact, she had taken the job in the supermarket, because she needed to support her family, but she needed to support them during the hours that employees were not needed in criminal justice type positions. Rather than support from those around her, she was criticized for sacrificing her degree. I applauded her for not sacrificing her family.

People who believe that you should do good in school or you will end up in a dead end job seem to forget that we NEED people in those “dead end” jobs. We need fast food servers, toilet scrubbers, dishwashers, ditch diggers, plumbers, cashiers, etc.

I did well in school. I had a great GPA, I took some of the best classes, I studied hard, I worked hard and now… I’m just a mom in some people’s eyes. My husband didn’t do well in school and he often  thinks that is why he has ended up where he has employment wise. We need people who sell truck parts, like he does, too. Nobody to sell truck parts, nobody to drive trucks,  nobody to deliver food to stores, nobody to check that food in, nobody to stock it, nobody to ring it up means no food for you!

I am absolutely NOT saying that kids should not work hard and do well in school. Not at all! I am saying that I am not measuring the success of MY children or YOUR children by where they end up in the world. I don’t care if they end up as a fast food server or a wall street broker, because we need both of them and we need everyone in between.

I love what my grandpa used to say. “It doesn’t matter if you end up as a ditch digger, but you make darn sure that you are the best ditch digger you can be”. 

If you are a student right now, you be the best student you can be. If you are a fast food server, you be the best fast food server you can be. I, for one, will not be measuring your success by what you’re doing. It is much more important to me that you do what you’re doing and you do it well. 


7 thoughts on ““Do You Want Fries with That?”

  1. I get it. I think it also makes kids who have learning disabilities and struggle just to pass think they wont ever amount to much, so why try. Some kids DO work hard, and still scrap by with a C or even a D. I’m a huge believer that grades do not always reflect intelligence or ability.

    I consider myself to be very intelligent, but I’m “just a fitness instructor”. I’ve had people who thought that they could talk down to me because I wasn’t on their “level”. It’s fun to watch their jaws drop when I show them I can hold my own.

    • I thought of that in regards to Michelle. She has worked so hard, but her God-given abilities are different than a normal abilitied (yes I know, not a word) person. She is most likely going to work in a “dead end” job. I don’t care as long as she does it well. It kills me to think that people will look down on her for it though.

  2. Hmmmmmmm…. I have a lot of thoughts on this- too many for the iPad keyboard:). I’ll try to come back later and share:)

  3. I am so thankful for the employees at our local fast food places. There are a couple that we go to fairly regularly and I can’t tell you how much it brightens my day that the workers there are SO FRIENDLY!!! We go for the cheap and quick food, but we leave with extra smiles because they are doing a great job at a job most people consider “unworthy,” but I think it’s a blessing that they’re there, serving people so cheerfully. It totally makes your day when people are like that! Some grocery store clerks are like this too. So I try to have this kind of attitude about folks working these types of jobs. You’re right that someone has to do it, and it can be done well. And when it is, it’s such a good thing. Nothing to turn your nose up at at all! I admire them!

  4. No one knows what is going on in anyone’s life. Yes, they may have a degree but need flexible hours or a 2nd or 3rd job to support they’re family. They might have NO degree and work there because they actually like working with the public…..even the rude ones who have no respect for people in the service industry in general. There are so many places I can tell you that I go to BECAUSE of the SMILING FRIENDLY people….not necessarily the food. I may not have a college degree, but have had many well paying full time jobs before my daughter was born. I went to work in a restaurant then for the flexibility. As well as the ability to not need daycare. The next time you pick up that burger, take the time to smile and tell the hardworking person at the window thank you! Have a great day!

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