I’m Expecting?

Have you met our beautiful four month old? Yeah, I know you have, but here you go anyway:


disclaimer: her 13 year old sister was standing right next to her, there was no worries about her falling off the bed.

Cute, isn’t she?

So, yeah, 4 months old. Safe to say I haven’t lost ALL the baby weight yet. From when I was pregnant with my now 13 year old. I’m working on it. I even just signed up for http://www.dailyburn.com!

Yesterday, Chad, Charlee and I spent the day together. When you have 5 kids, this is nothing short of a miracle. We went to Farmer’s Market for the beautiful flowers. 


We ate lunch because we didn’t have to pay for 6 people. 🙂 We drove north to buy diapers and clothes for little Charlee at one of our favorite second hand shops. 

But…. let’s back up to that Farmer’s Market, shall we? 

When we were about finished at Farmer’s Market, we decided to stop by the bathrooms first. I pushed the stroller over while Chad carried Charlee. We pulled up behind another lady who was already waiting. Chad said I could go in first and he waited in the shade with little Miss. I chit chatted with the lady in front of me. When a restroom opened up, she turned to me and said 

You’re expecting, you go first.” 

Trust me, I was as surprised as you are. 

I could have gotten angry. I could have corrected her. But I didn’t. Five years ago, I might have been upset about it. 

I figured she was being polite. She really thought she was helping and doing a good thing. I didn’t see ANY reason to make her feel bad. I looked at her and said “oh, thank you!” I told my husband “I just got into the bathroom first because I need to lose weight. I bet it doesn’t work for you”. Then I started scheming about how I was going to post this on Facebook.

Come on, this is 2013, this is what we do. 

I came to a few conclusions after this little incident:

  1. I hope  she doesn’t know something I don’t. 
  2. I should probably work out twice a day.
  3. I probably SHOULD NOT have gone to McDonald’s for a soft serve ice cream. (It was really, really good) 

Later, as I was texting with a friend over this situation, I came to the realization that I would much rather this lady think that I am expecting than KNOW that I need to lose 25 pounds. Babies are a blessing. Extra weight, not so much.  

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work out. Or something.

Has anyone ever thought you were expecting when you weren’t? How did you react? 

4 thoughts on “I’m Expecting?

  1. Haha, yes….when my dad died and everyone gathered at my mom’s. One of my aunts came up and patted my belly and said “are we expecting?” I laughed and said “I don’t know about you, but I’m just fat”
    My “baby” was 8yrs old at the time.

  2. My youngest is 5 and I still look like I’m 4 months pregnant thanks to my baby on my hip holding stance that I’ve adopted…and the fact that the majority of my fat likes to settle right into my middle. I still occasionally get the “when are you due” or “so, you’re expecting again?” question. The thing I don’t like about it is how presumptuous people are. In this day and age, you don’t just go around assuming someone is pregnant. I once read that you should never ask a women if she’s pregnant up until the point she’s in labor. As much of a blessing as babies are, that seems like a good rule of thumb. Being asked that question is just a reminder of the fact that I’ve been working on my “baby fat” for 13 years now with apparently little to no progress.

    • Ugh. If I heard it more than once, I’d probably get a little touchy about it. This was my first, and hopefully last, time. It really is a good rule to follow, but it’s obvious that some people don’t know the rules!

  3. When I was in middle school I ASKED someone if they were pregnant. The fact that she wasn’t scarred me for life! 🙂 I don’t think I have ever asked anyone again unless I was 100% positive! Charlee is precious and I am so glad you guys had a nice outing! Remember….moderation in all things doesn’t include chocolate! 🙂

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