This month’s challenge

I love a good challenge. Honestly, it excites me. It’s exactly how my husband got me to date him. “You would never go out with a guy like me”. Oh, honey, challenge accepted. 

In the past several years I have really learned to take challenges with a grain of salt. God hasn’t failed me yet and we have always, always been okay, no matter how painful the challenge is. So when I found out that we need to pay off a debt, and is more than my husband brings home in a month, I only cried once. The next morning, I woke up, dried my tears and once again said “Challenge accepted”. 

I have until May 31 to pay off an undisclosed, to you, amount of money. Like I said, it’s more than my husband earns in a month. Eeeek. I can think of better ways to spend that amount of money. .Oh yeah. But, really, I am not wringing my hands worried that it won’t work out. 

However, we need prayers. A lot of prayers. This is a month where we need to tighten the notches on our belt so tight that it may be hard to breathe for a bit. We will have to go without and be creative. (For instance last night we used leftover vegetables in a chicken stir fry. Instead of eating it over rice, as usual, I used up half of a bag of shredded cabbage that I had purchased for another meal. And it was GOOD!) 

So, please, friends, if you are reading this, say a prayer for us. Right now, I am feeling pretty confident, but who knows? I might stumble and fall this month. I might lose my faith a little and shed a few tears. Your prayers are so, so important. 

I was late in writing and posting this, so I want to tell you where we are at now. I did our budget for the month and was surprised to find out that we actually have a third paycheck, and no benefits are deducted from the third paycheck! My husband also received a small bonus on his first paycheck. My mom cleaned out her cupboards of close to expiring food and food that she probably wasn‘t going to use and gave it to me.4 bags full! This weekend we were supposed to get the brakes on our truck fixed, but had to cancel due to the importance of paying this bill. This morning we received a phone call and were told to show up at noon, because the brakes would still be worked on. 

By the grace of God, we’ve got this. Thank you in advance for all your prayers. The month is not over yet! 

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