When Things Don’t Go as (I) Planned

Charlee is our surprise baby.


I found out I was pregnant in April of 2012. (Thanks for catching my error, Monica!) I got up the nerve to tell my husband in May. We confirmed the pregnancy at the doctor’s office, but we kept it to ourselves for three months. On July 3, we shared the news with my parents and our four children. Every day for six months, my son prayed at dinner “God, please let this baby be a boy”. It seemed like a reasonable request. After all, he was the only boy in a sea of girls.

We decided to go against the grain and wait until birth to find out if our precious bundle was going to level out the testosterone in this house. On the day she was born, I heard the sweetest words ever. “It’s a girl!!!!” To tell you the truth, I would have been equally as thrilled if God had blessed us with a boy.

Minutes after Charlee’s birth, my husband was on the phone announcing her to everyone. He was as thrilled as I was. Unfortunately, when he told my son, my son was not thrilled. In fact, he cried. As his mom, I worried. I was so sorry that we had disappointed him. I am thankful to my mom for her part in talking to my son and explaining that God doesn’t always give us what we want, but He always gives us what He needs us to have. Twelve hours later, my son’s tune had changed and he was desperate to go to the hospital and meet this little blessing. Our girls decided on their own that they would give their only brother the honor of holding and loving on the baby first. When he got his hands on her, he fell instantly and totally in ell oh vee eee.

Now two months later, her presence in our lives is absolutely perfect. We can not imagine not having this beautiful baby girl.Jack is still in love with her. He calls her beautiful and he jumps up if she cries. Logistically, a boy would have made more sense, but we have learned that God doesn’t work with logistics. He works with blessings.

And boy, oh boy (I had to say it) are we ever thankful!

5 thoughts on “When Things Don’t Go as (I) Planned

    • I really like you. But I am sure you already knew that. I still remember when I was in training and they said “at the end of a case, your relationship with the ‘clients’ end.” Little did they know. 😉

  1. This little precious baby is going to do some amazing things for your family. She already has, really. She was a breath of fresh air in the midst of your grief and what a wonderful honor that you named her after your brother. And I KNEW Jack would fall in love the minute he saw her.

  2. LOVE this! When I was pregnant with our 3rd our oldest son desperately wanted a sister. When we found out the baby was a boy. He too cried. But was smitten at first holding. I can’t imagine our life with a girl in the mix. The 3 brothers have now pretty much grown up and are great friends. I love watching them interact….wrestling and otherwise! 🙂

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