When the Magic Left

It’s not often that I get a chance to stop in and say hi. There’s homeschooling and baby Charlee and a house to take care of and all of a sudden it’s bed time. I think of blogging a lot. An awful lot. I think “That would be good to blog!” and then I don’t. 🙂

Things are going relatively well. You know what I hate though? When the honeymoon period comes to an end. The first week home with Charlee was pure bliss. We were all in love and doing everything to make it a pleasant home environment for her. Then my exhaustion met normal and all hell broke loose around here. 

I remember the moment, the day, the time, EXACTLY. I was tired so I laid down with Charlee. Chad was out with the kids. The next thing I knew, he was in with us and I could hear the kids, playing and being loud. I lost it. I  mean, I lost it. They retreated to their bedrooms and I came into the living room, with my baby who rarely cried and was now screaming at the top of her lungs and I cried. For an hour. I was mad and frustrated that the magic was gone. I was disappointed that my family didn’t see my needs at that time. I blamed them because the baby was screaming. I was sad that no one, I mean my husband, came to check on me. 

Even though it was a rough few days, things are back to normal. I’m feeling normal, but extremely busy. My hormones have leveled out. The kids are back to themselves, which isn’t always the outcome I want. 🙂 My husband is stepping in and helping more and I am stepping out and asking for help. 

It’s definitely been a period of adjustment. I had forgotten how difficult the adjustment is. but by the grace of God, we’re doing it. We have been blessed. 


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