The day arrived!

Well, our little baby is finally here! If you remember, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. We figured the baby was a surprise and I wanted the surprise to last the whole pregnancy. Not knowing our baby’s gender presented a slight challenge, especially when shopping. It is very hard to find truly unisex clothing. You can get boy clothes or girl clothes or you can get clothes that look sort of like boy clothes, but definitely don’t look like girl clothes. 

Anyway! We waited all day on Friday, 1/25/2013 for our little baby to arrive. Waiting nine months to hear

“It’s a GIIIIIIIIIRL!!!!!”

was every bit as thrilling as we thought it would be. I was surprised that either of us could see through our tears for my husband to cut the cord. It was truly… beautiful!

Little Charlee Renee was 8lbs 9oz and 19″ long. She is a gorgeous baby and very, very content. Oh, yes, I have heard “That can change!!!” so many times. I know this, I have had four other kids. It’s why I am choosing to enjoy every moment. Even the moment that she peed on me. The moment that she pooped when I had her diaper off. The moment that Jack and Piper woke her up from her sleep and she was not happy. All of it. Every moment. I’ve been here before, I will probably never be here again and I want to enjoy all of it. 

She has brought so much joy and love into our house. It is fun to see everyone loving on her. There is never a lack of help or hands to hold her. Our house is small and right now, it is bursting with all that is good. I worried for 9 months. I worried for nothing. 


Thank you to my daughter’s friend, Audrey, for the beautiful picture. Charlee at 18 hours old.


Another picture from Audrey. Charlee is content to just look around. I think she is taking in everything. What she can see and everything she can hear!

Thank you to everyone who prayed so diligently for us. I, someday, want to sit down and write down the story of Charlee, starting over 2 years ago with a message from God. 🙂 Miracles truly do happen. And they are beautiful!

6 thoughts on “The day arrived!

  1. Beautiful baby. Beautiful story. God is so good! I have prayed for you and your baby every day of your pregnancy and to me this a wonderful answer to prayer that everything has gone so well. We both got our girls. 🙂

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