I am overwhelmed. I’ve been this way for almost a year now. It’s not one thing, it’s a succession of many things, large and small, big deals and not such big deals. 

I’m overwhelmed at the prospect of having a new member of our family.(due any day now!)

I’m overwhelmed by a legal thing we have going on. I don’t know why that would happen. For three years, I’ve tried to take care of it, then they finally decide that it needs to be settled between January 14th and February 3rd. Yes, I told them that it was not going to happen.

I’m overwhelmed by the death of my brother, homeschooling, house cleaning, food preparing, child rearing, wife duties, home duties, laundry, dishes, doctor appointments and, and, and, and much more.

 So, in the past few months, I have pretty much gone off the grid. I haven’t blogged. I haven’t been to church consistently. I haven’t called friends much. Sometimes I don’t even bother to shower, because it’s just one more thing I am overwhelmed by. I mean, taking a shower is easy, but then my hair looks like crap and for once, I want to look good in my hospital pictures, and if I get it wet and don’t fix it, that’s not gonna happen. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am NOT depressed. I have been depressed before and this is different. I am just… overwhelmed. 

The other day, Chad and I had a whole day to ourselves. We don’t get those very often anymore, especially since one of our children, who I refuse to mention, but you can all guess, is not the easiest child to leave with other people. She and her sister were invited to a birthday party though, so I knew she would be okay for 3 or 4 hours. So Chad and I went to lunch, where I didn’t have to share any of it, with children or naughty dogs. 😉 As we were waiting for our meal, he said “Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed by all the changes in our life”. “Yeah, me too”, I said.Then as I thought about it, I said “You know, maybe we are SUPPOSED to be overwhelmed by everything that has been going on. Maybe we aren’t supposed to have it figured out”. He  looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted another head. “When we are overwhelmed, what other choice do we have but to rely on God?”

I’m not exactly sure how HE felt about that train of thought, but since then I noticed that the feeling of being overwhelmed has left me. When it starts to creep up on me again, I pause and remember “I’m not supposed to have this figured out, I am just supposed to continue relying on God”. 

Are you overwhelmed? Who are you relying on? Yourself or your faith in God? 

Blessings, friends. Hopefully I will be back before baby D is born, but I make no promises. 🙂 Love you all! 

7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Amy~ you stopped by my blog the other day and I am so glad that you did! We are definitely not too old to be having babies!!! 🙂 I am excited for you to be so close to meeting your little one. I am in my 24th week, but love feeling my little girl move. Can’t wait to meet her.
    I have been pondering exactly what you shared in your post recently. We so desperately need God, but when things are good, it can be so easy to depend on our own strength. Love this reminder to rely on Him when we are overwhelmed!
    Looking forward to celebrating your new life with you and my prayers are with you!

  2. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the flu that dropped by our house and decided to stay awhile. We have been to the ER once and the doctors office twice in the last week. But in the midst I count my blessings. Just as there are a million little things that need done there are a million little blessings being given. It was nice to hear how your doing Amy! I pray for you and your baby everyday. Love you!

  3. I feel overwhelmed for many different reasons. Lack of control, changes at work, new jobs (like I don’t have enough already), insurance price increases, shoulder issues STILL, dirty dishes, dusty corners, clutter, I have shut down at times because I don’t know what to do first…giving it to God is always the best place to start…I just have to not try to take it back and trust in him. I don’t do resolutions, but I am trying to acknowledge the good things no matter how small and the rest will work out when it’s meant to.
    I’m so excited to meet baby D when he or she makes their appearance. If you ever need a break come on over…I have chocolate. 😉

    • Lol! The other day I texted Chad before he left work and said “bring chocolate…and a gallon of milk!”

      You definitely wear many hats, much more than I do!

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