I’m glad that …

I’m glad that WordPress gives me an option of titling my blog post or not. I kind of suck at coming up with names for every blog post.

I know that it’s to be expected. After all, I am 5 months pregnant. There’s been a death in the family. I still have things to do and people to take care of, and recently these regular chores have been compounded.

Dang it, I am tired.

If you walked into my house and saw the mess, you would ask who died. As if you don’t already know. Cleaning house is just one of those chores I can’t fully tackle right now. Unfortunately, whether I want to do it or not, the dishes and laundry have to be done. I hate running out of things to eat on/ with or wear.

I am pretty level headed. Mentally I deal with stress quite well. How I deal physically is another story. Stress makes me tired. Very, very tired.  I promise you, I sleep well. 8 – 10 hours of sleep at night. I know that some people have problems falling asleep when things are so very stressful, but that has never been one of my problems!

Obviously, even though I can’t feel the stress, my body can. I am tired of being tired though, and I just want some energy back. Probably two years, right? Ha!

These are the things they don’t tell you about death. How you have to deal with normal life, no matter how much you may not want to. Dishes still have to be done, kids still have to be taken to school, dinner still needs to be made (which is actually something I do enjoy!), bills still have to be paid and plans still need to be made.

I told my mom today that I wished it was a year from now. She said “Then we would be another year older and wouldn’t have the joy or pleasure of living the year”. Sigh, she is probably right.

Hopefully tomorrow I have the energy to talk about being redeemed. Somebody said to me “Why your brother? Why couldn’t it have been ___________?”. No, I am not naming names, but I can’t say that I haven’t had the thought, then God rebukes me. I hate it when that happens.

Be blessed friends, and live well! I love you.

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