Blogs I Follow

As a treat, I thought I would give you a list of links to blogs I usually check daily. If I don’t mention yours, please no hurt feelings. This is in NO way a complete list. I need to keep links back to share in the future. I’m only listing those that are updated regularly, and those that are “public” type blogs. There are some I read that are more private. πŸ™‚

Here they are:

Kennedy and Drake I started following this journey shortly after they were born. At one point, Drake had 24 hours to improve and thank God, he did! I am amazed at the difference in their pictures from when they were first born to now!

Jones Family Blog there are five of them! Five! I am just fascinated by these little babies, their parents and older brother. Carrie was given shots to increase egg production after 5 years of difficulty conceiving. She did NOT have IVF. Apparently, even with the shot, it is extremely rare to have this many multiples. (and I feel like I have to say it, because I have read some criticism of them, regarding their use of these shots)

A Miniature Clay Pot Marie and two of her daughters were in the middle of the massacre in the Colorado movie theater. She has such a way with words and I love the way she conveys her thoughts.

The Path Less Taken Jennifer has made me change the way I parent Piper. When the world is following their own path, she makes her own. I don’t agree with everything she thinks or says, but she is open and not offended when you state your disagreement or offer another view point (RESPECTFULLY!)

Minivans are Hot Kelli is hilarious. She makes me laugh. She got to go on a Compassion bloggers trip and now she and her family are adopting from Russia. She is more than just a mom blogger. She might even have some decorating ideas for you. Oh, wait, no, those are flops.

Well, there are five for you. What blogs do you read on a regular basis? I would love to check them out!

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