Judging Tomorrow’s “Value” on Today’s “Prices”

A few years ago, things were hard. We were barely making it, if we were making it at all. Financially, emotionally, relationally… It. was. hard.

We thought we we going to lose our house. We didn’t.

We would wake up and check the driveway to see if our vehicles we still there. They were.

I had a great fear of answering the phone and door, or opening the mail.

Then things got better. A lot better. We caught up on all those bills and we paid all of our debt.

Right when we were breathing just a bit easier, Chad was laid off. then we found out that we were expecting…. again. he got another job. Although he was earning 60% of his previous income, we were hopeful. After 6 weeks, he came home in the middle of the day, laid off again.

I went in the bathroom and cried.

What were we going to do now?

I’m pregnant.

My husband is unemployed.

I felt very hopeless.

My thoughts were running through every possible option we had. Some of them were not, um, nice.

It took me a while, but I realized that I was judging the value of our tomorrows on what was going on today. Life is always evolving and changing. Things never stay the same. Just because Chad is unemployed today doesn’t mean he will be tomorrow. I look down the road to 6 months from now and wonder how we are going to survive with another member of the family. Why am I worrying about that now? I don’t have enough information to know for sure what our life is going to look like in 6 months. I only have today’s information, and it’s not a good predictor of our future.

I’ve learned that things can change for the better and they can change for the worse. The only guarantee I have is they will change. I should only be judging today’s value on today’s prices. Tomorrow will be a brand new today, and the price just may have changed.

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