A Little Help From My Friends?


Many of you know that I have been sponsoring through Compassion International for over 3 years. First there was Maxwell from Kenya, then Yuri from Guatemala, then Uwamurera Agnes from Rwanda. Finally, Sofia from El Salvador was added to our family. Although we do not financially support Sofia, we do send her money for her birthday and Christmas, and we also keep in touch with her through letters and pictures. 
We have been very blessed in being able to build relationships with these kiddos and be the voice that tells them “you matter, poverty will not win”.
I have faithfully followed all the Compassion blogger trips. Through these posts and the letters I receive from our kids, I know that sponsorship makes a difference. Not only does it make a difference in THEIR lives, it makes a difference in OUR lives. We live simply so they can simply live.  
We feel such a powerful connection to these 4 loves of ours. (although we will only have Uwamurera for 3 more months, she is graduating from the program!) although we live many miles apart, our love and prayers for each other bridges that gap. We have had a hand in changing their lives, and they have changed ours. 
When Chad was laid off from his great paying job in April, 2 friends stepped in and offered to pay our 3 sponsorships for 2 months. (remember, we don’t pay for Sofia) this was an incredible blessing! Although things were more tight financially than they had been in a long, long time, I was determined to not lose our sponsorships. I’ve seen other kids on the Compassion website who have been waiting for over a year for someone to choose them. I did not and do not want to send my kids back into that pool and into the frame of mind that not only were they not chosen, they were given up and they don’t matter. 
Chad quickly found another job. He loved it. Unfortunately, he was laid off after just a month and a half, due to a lack of work. We are positive that this is a temporary situation. Unfortunately, we have cut all that we can. Our monthly bills are the necessities. Electricity, gas, water, phone, garbage, mortgage. We don’t have car payments or credit card bills. Right now, we are also faced with the extra expense of COBRA for Chad. With his diabetes, we can not afford to go without. 
Again, I do not want to give up our sponsored kids for a situation that we believe in our hearts to be temporary. I have prayed and wrestled with this, and I have come to the conclusion that it is not the answer. 
So, friends, I am coming to you. Can you help? Sponsorship is $38 per month, per child. ($114 total) it doesn’t take a big donation to help though. <strong>$2, $5, $10, it all helps</strong>.
If this was for me… I wouldn’t ask. But it’s not for me. It’s for these kids that need to know they are loved, and that they matter. it’s hard to admit that you need help, but for these kids, half a world away, I will do it.
In the past, friends have donated to me through pay pal. (dixonfam6 at msn dot com) if you want to give in a different way, please email me. 
Forever grateful for you, friends. Thank you so much for your prayers and your consideration. Your kindness won’t go unnoticed, these kids will know of your generosity, by name. 

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