What does a SAHM do anyway?

My sweet friend, ex-neighbor made me laugh today. I posed this question on my Facebook page:

“Is it unrealistic to think that a family in this day and age can survive on one income? Why or why not? Would love to hear your thoughts.”

I  don’t have many followers, but out of those who responded, not one person said it was impossible. Hard, yes, impossible,  no.

My friend said “It’s doable, and it takes a lot of sacrifice. However, you may get bored w/ being at home alone when the kids are in school next yr…” (there was more, this is the important part)

I laughed , because, well, my kids have been in school, all of them, full time… for TWO YEARS!

I have yet to be bored. 🙂

When I look at my schedule, I am not actually sure how I can work in being bored. Here’s a look at what a typical day entails for me:

6:30 – up and at ’em. I will usually check my email, glance at FB, make my coffee, stumble around the kitchen. 😉

6:45 – make lunches and snacks for the day

7:00 – make and eat breakfast, WAKE UP.

7:30 – make breakfast for Jack and Piper, unless Piper makes her own, then I just clean up whatever she spilled.

7:45 – see Taylor off to school

8:00 – jump in the shower

8:15 – tell the kids they have 30 minutes!!! fix my hair, get dressed, do make up,  make the bed.

8:35 – tell the kids they have 10 minutes!!! Make sure they have their snacks, lunches, forms signed, etc

8:45 – out to the bus stop with the kids. Wait anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on what kind of morning the bus driver has had and if she lost the bus keys that morning.

9:00 – clean up kitchen, start dishes, recycle papers from the day before.

9:30 – write blog post, make grocery list, balance check book, pay bills

10:00 – gather and start laundry

10:30 – Grocery shopping if needed, run errands, go for a walk (purely health and sanity reasons)

12:30 – come home, put groceries away, get mail, start prepping dinner for that night, make lunch

1:30 – work on making beads, as if I am selling them one day. 😉

2:30 – leave to pick up Taylor from school.

3:00 – arrive home, Michelle has been home for 10 minutes, help Taylor with homework or projects, spend time with girls

4:00 – Jack and Piper are home.

This is just a snapshot of a typical day. I know, I know, it probably sounds a bit boring. And I didn’t factor in the checking emails (which I don’t get many of), texting my cousin, calling my mom, weeding the garden, sorting the recycling, taking out the garbage, cleaning the cat box, etc, etc, etc. I have 5 and 1/2 hours from when the last kids leave for school and the first kid arrives home from school.

I can honestly say that even though the tasks are mundane and repetitive and sometimes frustrating, that I am almost NEVER bored. There is always something to fill my time. There are days that I actually work a little… cleaning (other people’s) houses or child care. I am also a volunteer with CASA, we sponsor four kids through Compassion International who I regularly write letters to. I play with the (fat) dog, because she needs her exercise and needs to lose weight. (not all that different from, ahem, me) If I ever did get really bored, I would clean the bathroom, or finish some of these home repairs.

So, bored? Never! 🙂

How about you? Do you stay home? Are you ever “bored”? Do you ever run out of things to do? 

Perhaps next time, I will share our very personal reasons for me staying home.

10 thoughts on “What does a SAHM do anyway?

  1. People have asked us how we can “afford” our lifestyle with me not working. Well, I think it helped that we had a kid straight away and I never got a chance to get used to 2 incomes. We made due with what we had from the very beginning and were diligent over many years, so it never felt like we were sacrificing even though to other people it probably would’ve seemed so. As for being bored, life with kids is so busy in many ways that when I get a chance to be “bored” while they’re all at school or napping or playing or at the park with their dad, I treasure it! I think it’s GOOD for me to be “bored” once in a while! To others, I probably appear to do a lot of nothing, but it works for us 😉

  2. I will admit to craving adult conversation sometimes, or needing a creative outlet. But I think SAHMs find lots of different solutions to such things 🙂

  3. I have been at home for 12 years, and I have a (school aged kids) daycare too, which I suppose in some ways isn’t all that different from being a SAHM alone, other than I am more tied down to home not doing a lot of housework and errands during the day. The daycare kids arrive at 7:30, they all leave for school at 8:50, are all here for lunch at 12:20 until 1:10, and back here for snack at 3:20. Daycare kids gone at 5:30. 2 or 3 days a week I have kindergarteners all day. It really isn’t a lot of day in between, enough to clean up breakfast and make lunch, my to-do list is always a mile long. Makes me wonder just what those people would be doing at home if they think you’d be bored. The difference is if the house in empty all day and no one is there to mess anything up or cook, that there is nothing to do, but when you are there the house isn’t empty and staying clean, LOL

    • My house was a complete mess the whole time Chad was home! I was surprised at how much can change when just one more person is home! 🙂

      My friend is the best and she admits that “bored” wasn’t her best choice of word. She probably meant something more like “needing/ wanting more” or “going broke”.

      I have a lot of respect and admiration for you and others who do day care AND manage a family.

  4. Thank you Amy! My laundry is hardly ever folded, and we’re out of cat litter. But they just had a tea party and we’re outside now. Laundry can just stay unfolded 🙂

  5. I get bored (sometimes) on the weekend too! I actually love the structure of my weekdays. Every day is different for me right now – because they’re not both in school full time. That said, I can got “bored”. But it’s probably more like “unmotivated”. Unmotivated to clean, or craft, or start/finish a project. I actually do best when I have lots of things scheduled – having people over, Mom’s, volunteering. When I only have 15 minutes of spare time, I can get the kitchen clean and dinner in the crock-pot. When I have all day, it never gets done.

    • What is it about those weekends? I am trying to learn that I don’t have to DO things all the time. It’s okay to take it easy.

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