The Lazy Poster

Friends, I am a bit miserable today. I have several blog posts in the works, but those are just not happening. (Allergies, be gone) (All of those jalapeno poppers I ate may not have been a good idea either. Just sayin‘)

Other bloggers’ great posts have not escaped my attention though!

Visit Jason at Mustard Seed Year to read about how your blog has more visitors than some CHURCHES. I don’t think I will ever worry that my blog doesn’t get as many clicks as I think it should, again!

Mike at Destined for Change is talking about having respect for each other, no matter what country you are in. He echoes what I have been thinking, but won’t talk about. All of us are guilty of judging, but many of us don’t realize that we are also being judged. It’s true. You don’t know someone’s personal situation. You don’t know if they are battling an illness, just lost a job, have kids to support, is recently a widow… the list goes on and on. I found out doing CASA work, that foster parents are required to use some state services, even if they don’t need it. The child or children they care for are under state guardianship and those services are required to be used when they qualify. The base assumption is that anyone on any state assistance is lazy and/ or milking the system. I challenge YOU to think differently and have compassion.

I can’t forget that the Compassion bloggers are in Tanzania this week. We have four children that are sponsored through Compassion. We KNOW the great work they are doing, in countries and in the lives of children and their families. Visit the Compassion site. You can click on the pictures on the right to be taken to personal blog pages to read about Tanzania through the eyes of each blogger.

I’ll leave you with this. My husband has an interview today. Pray for him! 🙂

And please pray that these allergies leave. Yesterday.

One thought on “The Lazy Poster

  1. Oh yes, the Compassion bloggers! I need to pop in to see how they are doing. How exciting! And, … I said a prayer for your husband, and for ((you)).

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