Be still and know that I am God“. (Psalm 46:10)

I woke up grouchy this morning. Usually I let him sleep, but…

KIDDING! I’m kidding.

Really. Yes. Me. Miss Positive Attitude woke up GROUCHY!


Because things were still the same.

My husband was still unemployed. My allergies were still wreaking havoc on my sinuses. Dishes were still in the sink. Chad’s unemployment payment issues still were not resolved. We still had a stack of bills that need to be gone through.

Still. Still. Still.

I was grouchy because I was focusing on all the negative.

I wasn’t focusing on the fact that we still have money to pay those bills. We still have food to eat on those dishes. I still have allergy medication. There is still a chance that Chad will receive unemployment.

Focusing on what is good changed my entire perspective. If only I could remember to remember this every day, every moment, in every circumstance. Every day, I need a reminder to be still and know that God has this in control.

Still isn’t always bad. It just depends on how you look at it.

2 thoughts on “Still

  1. I just looked at my to do list for Monday and felt exhausted but instead I will be happy that I have to request time off (because I’m going on vacation) that I have children (who need to get immunizations) that I have to go to a staff meeting (because I have a job) and that I have to get new care carrier (because my cat is psycho…. I mean entertaining.)
    Also I like to email you on Mondays and ask you your business (because you are my friend).

  2. It seems like it’s much easier to see all the negative because there is so much in the world around us. It’s almost like we are trained to view the negative. Rarely do you see positive, feel good stories in the news. I’m glad you are able to focus on the positives. Praying that the hubby’s interview goes well and you kick those allergies too. I know that’s a different post, but I’ll say it here anyways 🙂

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