Things Are Okay

I have spent a lot of quiet time/ prayer time/ whining time asking God to give me a sign… Something to show me that yes, things will be okay.

When I quit whining sat in silence, I heard Him say

Everything is already okay

which was a complete surprise to me, because things definitely don’t FEEL okay. I have to admit though, that I am looking at things through my very skewed human perception and God probably has a little better view point than me.

Ever since that moment, when I start to wonder if things will ever be okay, I remember those words, I trust my God and I know

Everything is already okay“.

Because He said so. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Things Are Okay

  1. we are neighbors at Jennifer’s…Oh I love this…so simple but profound. I will hold this truth in my heart… everything is already ok….blessings to you

    • I love that Jennifer brings people together. ❤ Thank you for stopping by. God's thoughts are sometimes so simple and I over complicate them. Thankful for his everlasting patience!

  2. My feelings about things often betray me. God’s voice sets us aright. And today, He is speaking through you, straight into me.

  3. I have been trying to eat better lately and am surprised how I instantly turn to food instead of God when I get stressed. God offers me peace and I chose to worry and overeat. How crazy is that? And yet and the time it feels like the right thing to do to cope. God is good everyday. Everyday God is good. Eventually I’ll get it.

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