A Breath of Fresh Air

Part 1

Part 2

We made last minute plans on Thursday to go to the beach for the weekend. He was let go from his job on Friday.

One of the first questions out of my mouth was “What about the beach?”.

I mean, it didn’t make sense to go and spend that money. We might need it. Although the motel we were staying at had a 24 hour cancellation policy, I was sure we could call and explain the circumstances and they would be gracious.

My husband said “We go. We make memories. Worry can wait”.

So we loaded up the car and we went.

The kids were thrilled! That first day, we played in the water and the sand. We threw a frisbee. We played football. We went back to our room for dinner, and then returned to the beach to watch the sun set.

I said to myself “if God can create THIS, surely He can ‘fix’ our situation. It can not possibly be too big for him”. I said it out loud. I told my husband. I told my 12 year old. She is our natural worrier. She said “I can live without everything, but I don’t want to lose our house”. I sighed, because I don’t want to lose our house either, but then I said “If that is the worst thing that happens to us, we are still blessed. We still have each other”. She nodded her head and hugged me.

The morning of the second day, we were on the beach before 9:00. My husband and I watched the kids play. I breathed in and said “I am glad that we did this. If we had stayed home, we would have worried, argued, cried. But here, I can see that nothing is too big for God. He made all this”.

Although it defied logic, I am glad we went. It truly was a breath of fresh air. It was just what we needed. Perhaps it is more than coincidence that I booked the trip at last minute (something I never do!), so that there wasn’t time to cancel. Perhaps He knew exactly what we were going to need, before we knew.

Yes. We will be okay.

6 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Everything will work out in the end. I know it will. Besides, having these memories with Chad and the kids is priceless and the one thing which can’t be taken away. I love you dearly and think of you often.

    • You are so absolutely right! 🙂 Since we came back, my kids have been closer, and get along more. They’ve started saving THEIR money for our next beach trip. There is something about the beach that says “Everything will be okay”.

    • Thank you, Jason. We know people have been praying, because we can feel his peace all around us. We really are surrounded by the most wonderful people, in my on-line community, in our neighborhood, in our family and in our church.

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