How to Pack the Kids’ bags for a road trip

I love to vacation.

I hate to pack.

I really don’t like to pack bags for myself and four kids.

I also don’t really want to have to check their bags to make sure they have everything they need. Inevitably I find a pair of socks, but no underwear; a toy, but no toothbrush.

My family and I were heading to the beach this past weekend. Since I am also not a planner, I waited until the last minute to pack. I may have been packing when we were supposed to be leaving. It’s just me. It’s who I am.

Well, I stumbled upon the PERFECT solution to packing the kids’ bags. Lo and behold, THEY did not forget one single thing. (I, however, forgot my toothbrush… and the toothpaste)

I opened up Microsoft Word, typed up a list, made it in check off format, and printed out three of them. (one child chose not to go. she’s old enough to decide that)

  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • a pair of pajamas
  • extra pair of pants
  • toothbrush

(this is not the entire list, just a sample!)

I handed it to them. I am not kidding, within 15 minutes, their bags were packed. I wasn’t even picky about what they brought it in. One child chose a backpack, another a grocery store paper bag, and the other a bucket. The magic of this whole situation was I only had to do 5 minutes of work and it saved me about an hour of time!

Next time I am giving them my packing list.

How do you get your kids’ bags packed? Do you do it for them, or do they do it themselves? 

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4 thoughts on “How to Pack the Kids’ bags for a road trip

  1. Mine are old enough now that they pack their own, but I have made lists in the past and if they don’t have something, well they do without – most hotels will give you a toothbrush if you forgot one and they have had to go down to the desk and ask. Last year we went to the beach and the oldest had his bag packed and was asked to put it in the car. When we got to the beach, he didn’t have a bag – he had left it on the floor of his room. He didn’t enjoy having to wear his brothers shorts for bed and wash his one outfit every night. I was the “horrible parent” since I refused to go buy him new clothes when his brothers fit just fine! He learned the hard way to be responsible for his own bag!

  2. Love knowing that someone else is not a planner. Though giving them a list is kind of planning. I do the same list thing. It works well. Now I am working on getting them to unpack too!

    • Yeah, I haven’t been able to get them to unpack yet either. One time I found clothes in a bag from a trip to grandma’s months prior! Lol

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